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Camellias blooming well

In spite of the hard winter our camellia shrubs have held on to their flower buds and are putting on a magnificent display. I guess it is a matter of timing as in much milder winters gone by a late frost has caused many of the buds to drop off. I have two camellia bushes against the garage wall and they provide a colourful sight from the kitchen window.



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The Great White Cherry and other spring flowers

When I opened the curtains this morning I was greeted by the beautiful sight of the cheery tree at the bottom of the garden. It was covered with white flowers set off to their magnificent best by a bright blue sky. It was a photo opportunity that could not be missed. It is Prunus Taihaku or Great White Cherry.

Prunus Taihaku or Great White Cherry

Whilst I was in the garden with my camera I snapped a few of the other spring flowers. I have tubs of Viola F1 Coconut Duet that were planted in the autumn and have been providing winter colour since then. In the past few weeks the blooms have multiplied and they are putting on a marvellous display. However, they are in danger of being overshadowed by the tulip plants that are now pushing their way through.

Viola F1 Coconut Duet

The Bergenia cordifolia is just starting to come into flower. My Bergenia plants originally came from my parent’s garden. My mother referred to them as Elephants luck but the usual common name is Elephant’s ears because of the large round leaves.

Bergenia cordifolia

Near the bottom of the garden is a delicate sprig of Chionodoxa. The bulbs came as part of a mixed bag that I planted in a tub a couple of years ago. When the bulbs finished flowering I planted them in a patch at the end of the garden.


My Camellias are just starting to flower. I have two bushes against the garage wall. There are lots of buds so there is the promise of a colourful show in the next couple of weeks. In some past years a late frost has caused many of the buds to drop of but hopefully that will not happen this year.


Finally a miniature daffodil caught my eye. It is gallantly holding its own in a tub of relatively large tulip leaves. Its tiny trumpet is less than half an inch across but it is a welcome sight on a sunny spring day.

Miniature daffodil

The fuchsia is in flower

I have had my fuchsia plant for many years and it never fails to perform. It also stays the same size which is great. Each autumn the foliage dies off and I cut it back to ground level. The next spring the cycle starts again and we get a beautiful, long lasting display of bright red/mauve flowers. These pictures were taken on 19 August 2010.

In praise of the rhododendron

The rhododendron is a wonderful plant for the idle gardener. Once it is established it does not need any special attention and produces an abundant show of flowers each year. My rhododendrons are in full bloom at the moment and are a wonderful sight. The huge flowers are magnificent, especially when viewed close up. Here are some pictures I took in my garden recently.


Rhododendron flower.

Insects like rhododendron flowers.

The name rhododendron comes from the Greek with rodi meaning “rose”, and dendron, meaning “tree”. It is a genus of flowering plants in the family Ericaceae and there are over 1000 species. The Ericaceae family includes the plants known to gardeners as azaleas. It is the national flower of Nepal, the State flower of Uttrakhand, India and the State Flower of both West Virginia and Washington in the USA.