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How to use stacked tubs for a dazzling display

Here is an idea that I came across in a French town square. I plan to try in my own garden next year. These impressive towers of petunias and geraniums are planted in a series of tubs stacked on top of one another. Once the plants grow bushy they drape down to hide the tub structure.

Impressive towers of petunias and geraniums seen in France.

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Glorious Gazanias

When we were in the garden centre choosing some plants for our tubs the brightly coloured gazania plants caught our eye. They have settled in well and continue to produce new flowers. The daisy-type flowers open when the sun comes out and close up in the evening or on a dull day. The label that came with them tells me they will flower from spring to autumn so we are looking forward to some continuous colour.

Glorious Gazanias

Glorious Gazanias

Geraniums in the Slovenian Alps

In the alpine villages around Kranjska Gora, Slovenia the wooden balconies of the houses were decorated with a profusion of bright red geraniums. There are lots of ideas here for window boxes and tubs. Many of the buildings were right on the street but that did not stop the occupants putting out their pots and tubs. They just placed them on the pavement.

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