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Grape vine in autumn

Autumn leaves and sunshine provide a wonderful photo opportunity. Our grape vine has turned magnificent shades of red and gold. When I looked out of the back room window and saw the vine glinting in the sunshine I know that I must take some pictures.

The vine grows on a trellis around the entrance to my greenhouse. It has numerous bunches of grapes this year but most of the grapes are tiny. The ripe ones are lovely to eat but they each contain a pip so are hard work. I am going to leave most of them for the birds.

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Grapevine progress

In mid-June I put up a trellis in front of the greenhouse. This was to provide a place for my grapevine to grow and to form an attractive feature. This is a report on the vines progress over the summer.

The brand new trellis on 21 June 2010.

The grapevine has been growing against the garage wall behind the greenhouse for about 20 years. The fruit has never really come to much until this year. One year I trained it into the greenhouse in an attempt to get better fruit but it wasn’t much of an improvement. However, this year it went all the way and provided small but perfectly edible grapes. Maybe it is because of my new trellis or maybe it is thanks to global warming providing a warm but wet summer.

Tiny grapes.

The grapevine on 19 August 2010.

A bunch of grapes on 19 August 2010.

The grapes are almost ripe on 6 September 2010.

My strawberry plants are multiplying

In July daughter gave me four baby strawberry plants taken from strawberry runners in her garden. I decided to start them off in a tub to give them some protection from garden pests. That was a mistake because I had not reckoned with a larger pest. Each morning I would go into the garden and discover that my strawberry plants had been dug up. At first I thought it must be birds looking for worms. Then one day I spied from my window a grey squirrel. It scampered over and scratched up my plants.

That also solved another mystery. Last autumn I planted up five tubs with spring bulbs. Three of the tubs gave a good display but two tubs had nothing to show. At the time I assumed the bulbs had rotted away because when I dug down there was no sign of them. Now I know that it was the squirrel that had them for lunch. When the squirrel saw my tub of strawberry plants it must have though; “a tub – that means bulbs” and started digging out the plants.

Two of the strawberry plants survived being dug up several times and were planted out when they got stronger. These two plants have put out lots of runners and made new plants. I am looking forward to my first crop of strawberries next year.

Strawberry plants on 6 September 2010.

Strawberry plants on 6 September 2010.